I am your D2!

Hey nerdy! I'm pretty sure ya want a love droid like me!!!

Gunter Destroyer Obama

Yeah, Gunter Destroyer Obama is the name of my baby pet-AT AT! I try to tach him some little tricks, and for now, he know how to climb on my shoulder!

Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft ! [Gift]

Hey, I know, I know, it's cheap and a little bit bad tasty, but it's a gift for me! Nope, I don't like Beatles... But it's a gift! By a old man on my market time! Pretty cool to be so hot than strangers offer you gift!!!

Don't be afraaaaaiiiiiidddddd !

Stormtroopers baking!

Yow... finishing cinnamon's stormtroopers cakes is pretty hard for me, and I know, this is a vader invasion at the end, but if you look closer, you see that's mustaches vader! The good one of the dark side! So, it was great, to baking star wars figures with my old, gorgeous and rade Jen! Next time... Dinosaurs!!!

Bad side of the karmic wheel !

hard times comin'! I'm fired and loose my car in a minor disaster! But no matter the cost, I climbing this mountain of poo, the shiny luck of my future is near! So, don't be so sad for me, I found a new job and take the bus everyday!

warmer time tahn ever!

What's that season??? I'm boiling and need my ventilator... Yap, like a hot porn chick, I'm in panties and shake my hairs in the wind... Hottie! New pictures for my three fans! I hope you took good times, for me it's cool, I keep my cats at bay of my new hobby stuff, modeling clay, but I found many scratches on my works, and I want Grissom and is bunch for investigation! Romanticaly... Maybe a boy, but I'm not sure of him, name: Cole, job: car washer... for now, it's just a friend, a gorgeous friend, but be patient B, love is not just a muscle story!

Girls - Hellhole Ratrace

My Story

Little known and long unavailable, this autobiography, written by actress and starlet Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962), describes her early adolescence, her rise in the film industry from bit player to celebrity, and her marriage to Joe DiMaggio. In this personal account of a very public life, she tells of her first (non-consensual) sexual experience, her romance with the Yankee Clipper, and her prescient vision of herself as the kind of girl they found dead in the hall bedroom with an empty bottle of sleeping pills in her hand.
I was so impressed with this book I brought a copy for my friend, this book is really easy reading (great for bedtime) and quite an insight to Marilyn Monroe's own personal biography, the pictures are fantastic and this is a must for any Marilyn Monroe fan an absolute must for any fan's collection. Most enjoyable, if I hadn't broughtit already I'd buy it again.

Ya Sexy Gal' !

Hey buddies! Glad to find you here, I show you some of my last pictures, me on rooftop, with fancy and newly buy dress! Hope you like, it's gift for you! I wanna talk with you, about a possibility of the begining of, maybe, a new love story with a boy very attractive, physicaly of course, but very intellectual, a librarian near to my home, name Joseph, and very very shy. It's a matter for me, because I'm shy to, you don't belive that of course, but it's true. So... Tips for a good date between two shy people???

Tea, or Coffee ?

I prefer Tea, earl grey natural. My little pleasure of the morning; Near my window, with rainy or sunny skies, without company, before mornin'tea is sacred. And you, people, what's your little pleasure of the morning ?

Charlotte Gainsbourg - Heaven Can Wait from Charlotte Gainsbourg on Vimeo.

Hard to be him

This is Mista Simba Mc Cartney... Yes it's true, it's hard to live his life !

It... It... It's her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In fact, I know she's in town for commercial stuff about a new album, but I swear, I don't know she's in my favorite bar!!! What a surprise, I'm sure, I was ridiculous in face of my idol, the beautiful Zooey, but no matter that! I speak couple of words with her, and just for that, and the magical night after, I'm happy. Thank you Zooey!!!

T Pet

I luv dinosaurs, so much than I adopt a baby T-rex!
We gain many pet consests together!
(against puppy-dogs, but it's winning!)

Savage girl

Yeah, Savage girl want to thank you everyone who take the time to let nice and pleasant words on this blog!

Thank you my little savages!!!

You know...

Looked for fighting those nerdy who wants my starwars T-shirt!!!


So, mista Simba Mac Cartney had a very nasty temper, he hiding his fur when I present to him our new friend, miss Jezabel Spear! She was left alone on the road near my home, hungry and hurt, I convince her to live with us!

Lurking beast in my bedroom...

Simba Mac Cartney! Simba! where are you?
Oooooo, you're hiding so well!!!


For sure... painting is not one of my hobby, but it's so fancy after a colorful painting session!

Yeah... I like flares... so what!

One for each of my travel, not too-far journey on another country, but each time I left my sweety cavern, I search a new flare, or if impossible, I create a new one!

Is it you, Wolden?

Nope, it's my little furry boy, name Simba Mac Cartney, because he's proud of his feral origins and wrote pretty nice songs! and he's at the top of international cat-models

But... are you human, Wolden?

Nope!!! I'm a furry headed-long eared-creepy and screaming monsta!!!

It's... It's... Keira Knightley !!!

Hum... Nope, it's not her, it's just me, you see the difference because Keira Knightley is fucking pretty gorgeous, and Wolden... not. But I'd her dress!!! and it's so stylish!!! I kill anyone who approach me when I'm dressed in green!!!

I can take the sun in my hands...

Ooow! You're so powerful Wolden!

Yeah... I know...

From my sweet Cassy

When I open, I saw that beautiful and very sharp-picturemakers! I screamed of course, and vow God to know a couple of friends like John and Cassy Belt!!! It's a wonderful gift, a very important present who help me to express my creativity all days!!!

Zooey Deschanel

I'm a huge fan of this cool and so perfect actress. It's my model for a couple of years now and I'm never disappointed by her.